About Us.

Passionate about Latin American culture, we had the opportunity, during one of our travels in Central America, to witness the production process of a beautiful carved ceramic vase. Amazed by the use of  ancestral techniques to create vases with contemporary designs and by the high quality of work, we decided to bring back home the superb pieces created under our own eyes and to share these wonderful objects with our clients.

Our vases and lamp bases are individually handmade by recognised, award-winning master craftsmen, following a complex fabrication method:

Having undergone a purifying process, the clay is molded in the wheel and burnished until all imperfections are removed. Up to six layers of black liquid clay are applied on the molded piece, resulting in a smooth black clay surface. After drying for more than a week and being thoroughly burnished, a layer of bone white oxide of zinc is applied serving as a base for application of colour.

The design is outlined using the sgrafitto method, the top-most layer of clay being carved delicately to leave the rough surface exposed. The piece is painted with oxides, each applied color undergoing still another hand polishing process. Finally, after baking the pieces, a light coat of wax is applied in order to brighten the colours. The subtle color variations are charmingly emphasized by light on our lamp bases.

We proudly guarantee that each piece commercialized by Wood and Clay is unique and has been made with all the experience, enthusiasm and know-how – handed down from generation to generation – by experienced craftsmen.

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